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Dental Assistant

Nicole - Dr Bowen Dental StaffKristen grew up in Fort Jennings, OH and has worked in dentistry for 4 years. Kristen started her dental career through the United States Navy which she is currently serving in as a Corpsman specializing in dental assisting. She started her journey with Bowen Legacy Dental in December 2016. Her favorite part about working with Dr. Bowen, Dr. Gehlert, and the dental team is the strong commitment to dentistry and comprehensive health that Bowen Legacy provides. She enjoys providing the education and understanding of oral health care needs to all her patients, and creating a memorable and comfortable experience.

Kristen attends the Ohio State University with dual bachelor degree in biology and psychology. After completing her bachelors she plans on applying to dental school at the Ohio State University working towards a dual doctorate in Dentistry and Anesthesiology. When Kristen is not in the office she enjoys giving her friends and family a laugh, traveling, taking on various DIY projects, listening to music, and mentoring.

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