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I went to Dr Gehlert and her staff after hearing nothing but positive things about her and the type of clinic she leads. Dr Gehlert and her staff kept me calm with their professional demeanor, understanding and compassion for the dental pain i was also in at the time. You will immediately realize you are in good hands when you hear how calm, cool, and collected Dr Gehlert carries herself. With Bowen Legacy Dental here, you’ll feel they are more than just a “business” dental clinic. You aren’t just another patient. They aren’t just trying to turn a huge profit by rushing your dental care experience. Everyone here seems to all have a genuine desire to do what is best for your overall dental health, very knowledgeable and a joy to interact with. I will definitely come back for other future dental work I need from now on! 5.0 I went to Dr Gehl
I honestly cannot say enough great things about this dental practice. I was drawn to this office during one of the most frustrating times in terms of my son's dental health. After finding out my son needed extensive treatment to save his teeth, I decided to leave our previous dentist and trust in Dr Gehlert and her team. I am SO HAPPY I did. Her plan for treatment was so gentle and much less invasive than our previous dentist's plan for treatment and her team was so welcoming and down to earth. I walked into her office feeling lost and disheartened about my son's dental health and walked out, 5 appointments later, feeling accomplished, motivated and confident in how I was caring for my kid's teeth. My son absolutely adores her and Gabby, her assistant and everyone else in the office. What could have turned into a lifelong fear of the dentist for my young son turned into excitement for caring for his teeth. I would recommend this office to anyone! I cannot thank them enough! 5.0 I honestly cannot
It's so nice to return to this professional practice year after year and find they keep up with safety, technology and patient care! Truly an amazing team! 5.0 It's so nice to r
I have been going there since the 1970's with Doctor Bob and have continue with the next 2 generations of dentists in this family (Doctor Richard and Dr. Taryn). I would not have it any other way and Janet has been cleaning my teeth for long enough to get her children to have grown up. Love them all. All of the staff have been great over the years. 5.0 I have been going
I’ve been mostly going to Dr. Bowen since ‘93 and have always had a great experience. They are careful to make sure you have as pain free an experience as possible. There was a period of time I wasn’t in the central Ohio area and I didn’t realize how spoiled I was with Bowen Legacy until I went to a different dentist. It was one of the most unpleasant experiences and that was just for a basic cleaning. Believe me when I say this, Bowen Legacy Dental is the best in central Ohio, if not one of the best nationwide. The whole staff cares about each individual they see. I say individual and not patient because I believe they get to know every person on more than just a perfunctory level. 5.0 I’ve been mostly
I'm a new patient and the staff has been great thus far. Highly recommend!! Thank you !! 5.0 I'm a new patient
Needed a crown replaced. Dr Gehlert and Jackie worked like rock stars together. Great experience. 5.0 Needed a crown re
Oh my gosh, Dr Gehlert was AWESOME with my little boy. She had him grinning ear to ear the whole visit and he was so excited for his appliance before we were done. The staff was also great. The whole experience was very smooth and pleasant. Thanks guys. See you soon! 5.0 Oh my gosh, Dr Ge
I've been going to Dr. Bowen since 1988. No dentist has ever made me feel more comfortable, more confident, more trusting. I trust him, and now his daughter who has joined the practice as of a few years ago now (time flies) to continue the 3-generation dental practice. They have all the latest technology and expertise for any dental procedure. They are honest about needed services, costs, timing, and implications. Janet is my dental hygienist and I've been seeing Janet for over 20 years. I've watched her have her children who are now grown, and she ALWAYS greets me with a smile and I love my time chatting with her each time I get my cleaning. I like going to the dentist so much that I go every 4 months instead of every 6 months!! You can trust these people to always do the right thing. Jackie is also one of my favorites!! 5.0 I've been going t
Dr. Bowen and his team have been taking care of me for over 20 yrs. and their expertise and care have eliminated my anxiety of dental work. I was referred in needing many crowns due to fractured teeth from grinding and not being forewarned by my prior dentist. Not only have those crowns stood the test of time but I've also benefited from all the other technologies and advanced care their office provides. I even learned recently they are serving patients with sleep issues. Truly amazing practice. 5.0 Dr. Bowen and his

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