5 Reasons Why Flossing Could Save Your Life
5 Reasons Why Flossing Could Save Your Life

Many people skip the floss after an extra-thorough brush or because they’ve had a particularly exhausting day. However, while skipping occasionally isn’t a catastrophe, doing so often (or even foregoing flossing altogether) can impact your long-term wellness and put you at risk for serious health problems.

Benefits of flossing

Here are five reasons why flossing at least once per day improves your dental health and may even save your life:

  1. It prevents plaque build-up. It may seem evident that having bacteria build-up can be problematic for your teeth. But the repercussions are deeper than that. In fact, the acids in plaque can break down tooth enamel and lead to gingivitis (gum disease), which is a serious risk to your oral health. If plaque develops on the roots of the teeth, it can begin to break down your bone, which could lead to rot, tooth loss, and root canals.
  2. It prevents cavities. If you want to keep your natural teeth for your entire life, avoid cavities at all costs. By flossing away debris, you keep potentially harmful bacteria from breaking down your enamel and creating holes in your teeth, which can sometimes lead to infection and tooth loss.
  3. It prevents heart disease. Many people know that flossing prevents gum disease, but fewer know it can also prevent heart disease. Your oral health is very interconnected with your heart health. Studies have found a greater risk of cardiovascular disease for those who suffer from periodontitis (a severe but common form of gum disease). Unhealthy gums are linked with everything from heart disease to poor brain function, making regular flossing crucial.
  4. It prevents inflammation. Chronic bacterial infection in the mouth can cause painful, swollen, and inflamed gums (specifically the part of the gums surrounding the teeth, the gingiva). When plaque and tartar sit on the teeth or under the gumline for too long without proper oral hygiene, inflammation occurs. To avoid the pain of swollen gums, stick to your flossing routine!
  5. It prevents bacteria from spreading. All aspects of your body are connected. When bacteria build-up occurs in the mouth, it can spread throughout the body. Oral infection travels via the bloodstream and can impair whole-body health and wellness.

Fortunately, with regular flossing and biannual visits to see our team, you can prevent many oral health problems. Plus, with more flossing options than ever, even those with poor mobility and dexterity can clear away bacteria at home. For instance, a Waterpik® is an excellent option for those who struggle to use traditional floss. Floss picks may also be a healthy alternative. Ask our team during your next visit if you struggle to get your flossing technique on par. We’d be happy to help!

At Bowen Legacy Dental, we want to work with you to prioritize long-term health and wellness. Make sure to floss tonight! And, if you’re ready to schedule your next appointment, call us at 614-459-2300!

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