Soft Tissue Laser

Soft-Tissue-LaserWhen it comes to dental surgery and oral health, we do all that we can to minimize the invasiveness that your mouth faces, while optimizing your best treatment result. With the advanced soft tissue laser at our disposal, we can perform more precise and healthy procedures, leading to a minimally invasive, comfortable treatment with far better outcomes for our patients.

How soft tissue lasers work
Soft tissue lasers are safe and effective. Plus, they are exceedingly more comfortable for our patients. These lasers work by using energized light beams to sculpt soft tissues, like the gums, at a cellular level. Because this kind of laser effectively sculpts, cauterizes, and sterilizes the soft tissues all at once, it leads to less bleeding during the procedure, less oral trauma and swelling, as well as improved recovery time for patients. Lasers work by targeting the cellular level of tissues, meaning that most patients feel nothing during their procedure—all without anesthesia or uncomfortable shots! Additionally, these lasers are incredibly safe and precise, allowing your dentist to perform procedures that leave healthy soft tissues fully intact. The pinpoint accuracy of these lasers helps dentists accomplish complex tasks without resorting to intensive incisions or cutting that requires longer recovery periods for patients.

Lasers can be used for a number of oral treatments, ranging from tissue shaping or sterilization, to crown lengthening, to cold sore removal, and more. It can also be an effective treatment in periodontal disease with its ability to remove only the infected tissues without interfering with healthy gum material. And, since the FDA has approved soft tissue lasers as suitable and safe for everyone, it’s clear that these soft tissue lasers prioritize patient health and comfort and are an excellent alternative to invasive oral surgeries. Using this minimally invasive laser technique, you can enjoy a quicker recovery time, a healthier mouth, and improved wellness through this modern advancement in dentistry.

If you would like to learn more about our dental soft tissue lasers or about the treatments that we perform using this technique, please call us today to schedule an appointment.

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