Metal-Free Crowns

metal-free-imgSometimes daily life results in dental accidents, leading to cracks, chips, and breaks that render your teeth unsightly, painful, and less functional than they should be. For broken or cracked teeth, crowns, also known as caps, are typically used to restore natural tooth function and aesthetics, covering the tooth to prevent further damage while promoting a healthier-looking and healthier-feeling smile.

Past crown technologies
For decades, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) crowns was the dental material used for crown and bridge restoration. However, though this popular design did restore function to teeth and protect them from additional damage, like cracking, its porcelain-covered, metal framework also resulted in an unsightly black line often seen next to the gum line. As a result, patients were replacing a broken or damaged tooth with another aesthetic problem and a mark of past dental work.

Our advanced crown options
At Bowen Legacy Dental, we are happy to offer our patients high-quality dental materials, including metal-free crowns, for improved aesthetic outcomes. With new innovations in dental materials and improved aesthetics, patients now have more options for beautiful tooth restorations than ever before. Our metal-free crowns boast a natural appearance that is just as, if not more, durable, safe, and practical than metal crown counterparts. The framework beneath our porcelain crown is designed for optimal tooth health, function, and beauty, providing a restoration that is as functional and natural looking as possible. With proper care, these crowns are designed to last for many years, flawlessly blending into your other teeth and keeping your smile healthy.

In addition to our porcelain metal-free crowns, we also offer an advanced technology, CEREC® 3D, that can provide ceramic crown restoration—including the creation, milling, and placement—in just over an hour. To read more about our one-day crown service with CEREC 3D, and to determine if this technology is right for you, click here.

If you are in need of tooth restoration for your cracked, broken teeth, call us today to discuss our metal-free crown restoration options. With such important advances in dental technology, we are sure that our crown services will help your smile achieve the natural look and healthy function that you deserve.

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