One-Day Crowns

We know that our patients lead busy, active lives, which is why we strive to make all of our treatments both effective and efficient. For patients who require crowns, we are proud to offer an advanced service called CEREC® 3D that can create and place your new crowns in just a single visit.

What makes CEREC technology different?
Unlike traditional crowns procedures, CEREC technology is able to design, mill, and bond your restoration in a single visit. By offering you a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and strong ceramic crown, CEREC technology is the innovative solution that sets the standard in dental restoration technology.

Streamlined for your convenience, this process is simple, efficient, and less invasive than previous crown procedures. First, the CEREC camera takes a digital scan of the prepared tooth. It sends this data to a computer where 3D software allows your dentist to customize and design your new crown. A milling device receives your dentist’s design and creates it using dental ceramic. Typically, less tooth structure needs to be removed with this precise technique, allowing patients to enjoy a less-invasive procedure. Since less dental trauma occurs when dentists use CEREC technology, patients achieve a superior result and exceptional experience in dental crown restorations.


Additionally, with the CEREC 3D process, there is no need to take an uncomfortable impression of your tooth, wear a temporary crown, or reschedule a later visit to have your new crown placed weeks after your initial consultation. Instead, everything is accomplished in a single visit for improved patient comfort and ease. And if you have multiple teeth that require crown restorations, you can treat them all at once for optimal convenience.

Since the entire CEREC 3D System experience takes just over an hour, you will leave our office smiling confidently, wearing a beautiful crown that is designed for superior durability, function, and aesthetics. Once you experience CEREC 3D, you will appreciate this revolutionary, streamlined process that is unlike any other. Our patients love CEREC 3D, and we are proud to offer a service that balances expert precision, efficiency, and health to restore our patients’ teeth with beautiful results.

If you are in need of tooth restoration and want to learn more about this procedure, call us today to schedule an appointment. Dr. Bowen and Dr. Gehlert look forward to examining your mouth and determining if CEREC 3D crowns are right for you.

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