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Family Dentistry

family-dentistry-imgAt Bowen Legacy Dental, we welcome patients in every stage of life and look forward to treating all your smile needs. When it comes to oral care, prevention and treatment are the keys for healthy smiles. Through regular visits with Dr. Bowen or Dr. Gehlert, we can prevent or treat your oral health issues and teach you proper hygiene practices so you can avoid long-term health consequences. And if you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, don’t worry! Our friendly staff and experienced dentists are equipped to help your smile become its healthiest—regardless of any oral health problems you might currently face.

When you visit our practice, you’ll notice how much we care about your long-term health goals. We are proud that our family dentistry services have been maintaining our patients’ healthiest smiles for generations, and we strive to continue that legacy with superb preventative dentistry. Whether you visit us for a regular exam, a root canal, or gum care, our family dentistry excels at creating a foundation for lifelong health.

We are also experienced with the unique needs of children’s dentistry. With our friendly staff and dedicated professionals, we are well equipped to provide your little ones with the preventative care they need, as well as the education that will keep their smiles healthy for life.

The following are our most popular family dentistry services:

Family Dentistry