Nontoxic Dental Materials

nontoxic-dental-imgOver the years, new advancements in technology and further research have shown that not all dental materials are as safe as they once appeared. From silver amalgam fillings that contain 50% mercury by weight, to plastics full of BPA, unfortunately, there tends to be plenty of toxic materials involved in dentistry today. And, though these materials are still used throughout the United States, we are committed to using only non-toxic dental materials for your best health.

Our commitment to non-toxic materials
At Bowen Legacy Dental, we believe in approaching dentistry holistically, acknowledging the interconnected nature and important links between our oral health and overall wellness. Because our holistic approach is the cornerstone of our practice, we recognize the importance of limiting our exposure to dental toxins since they can negatively impact the entire body. This is why our practice uses only the safest materials.

We are proud to offer healthy, durable alternatives that better reflect the immense strides that modern dentistry has made over the years.

If you have questions about the benefits of using nontoxic dental materials or wonder how nontoxic holistic dentistry promotes overall wellness, please call us today and schedule an appointment. Dr. Bowen and Dr. Gehlert look forward to helping you obtain your healthiest, happiest smile using only safe dental materials.

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