Perio Protect®

For patients with periodontal disease, finding a treatment that balances comfort and effectiveness can be challenging. At Bowen Legacy Dental, we understand the benefits of choosing less-invasive treatments whenever possible, which is why we are proud to offer Perio Trays® from Perio Protect®, an advanced, minimally invasive, non-surgical approach to treating gum disease.

Why choose Perio Protect?
Perio Protect is different than traditional gum scaling and root planing procedures. Using a prescription Perio Tray customized for each patient, medication penetrates deep below the gums, allowing it to fight inflammatory bacteria with vigor. In only 10 to 15 minutes a day, patients can easily manage their periodontal disease, effortlessly integrating excellent gum care into their daily routine. By coupling Perio Protect with a comprehensive periodontal health plan that includes frequent general exams and good at-home dental care, patients can more effectively treat their infection for better health outcomes.

Traditionally, treatment for gum disease has been limited to uncomfortable and painful processes. Repetitive scaling and root planing procedures in combination with antibiotics would be repeated every three months, leaving patients uncomfortable and frustrated. Plus, in the case of more advanced gum disease, painful surgical procedures often require far more frequent ongoing maintenance therapy. By choosing the gentle, minimally invasive Perio Protect, powerful medication is able to work more effectively, helping you avoid these painful and intensive surgical treatments through proper gum care.

Could you have gum disease?
Though gum disease may look different for each individual patient, general symptoms that signal periodontal disease include the following:

If you are suffering from any of these common gum disease symptoms, call us today to discuss your various treatment options and take control of your periodontal health. By choosing the Perio Trays from Perio Protect, we can form a proactive dental care plan that will help you achieve excellent gum health—without invasive, long-term, painful, or expensive surgical treatments. By tackling your gum disease with regular care and the medical strength of the Perio Protect system, you can regain your health and eliminate the risk of serious consequences like tooth loss.

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