5 Tips for Healthy Teeth This Holiday Party Season

Its hard to believe it, but the holiday season is upon us! Its such a busy time of year with holiday shopping, cooking, and family in townnot to mention all the holiday parties. During this festive season, it can be easy to let your oral health take the back seat. However, its so important to keep your teeth clean, even when your life gets a little more hectic than usual. You certainly dont want to start the new year with a cavity.

Here at Bowen Legacy Dental, weve compiled a list of five easy ways to keep your teeth healthy and clean as you make your rounds at the annual holiday parties. If you keep these tips in mind, youll be sure to start the new year with a bright smile.

  1. Take it easy on the eggnog. Although you might be tempted to imbibe more alcohol than usual during this celebratory time of year, your mouth will thank you if you keep the alcohol consumption to a minimum. Alcohol dehydrates your bodyespecially your mouthwhich isnt healthy for your teeth. Alcohol consumption also increases your risk of developing gum disease and oral cancers. If you do drink this holiday season, make sure to pair that eggnog with a large glass of water.
  2. Avoid black tea, coffee, and red wine. This popular party fare can stain your teeth, leaving them more yellow or discolored. Red wine can take an immediate effect, dying your teeth a reddish-purple hue as you chat with the other partygoers. If you do want to brighten your smile before the holiday season, our advanced teeth whitening services can help you look and feel your best. Call us today to ask if teeth whitening is right for you.
  3. Eat your veggies. Often overlooked at holiday parties, veggie trays are the perfect pre-meal snack for healthy teeth. A great alternative to starchy or sugary hors doeuvres, dentist-approved veggies like carrots, celery, and broccoli are loaded with vitamins and minerals.
  4. Limit your sweets. With all the holiday goodies, it can be hard to resist your sweet tooth during this time of year. However, your teeth with thank you if you hold back on the sugary sweets. Sugar feeds the bad bacteria in your mouth, increasing your risk of developing cavities. Try to stick to the savory snacks instead.
  5. Pack a to-go cleaning kit. When youre away from your toothbrush and toothpaste, food debris has time to linger in the mouth, which is unhealthy for the teeth. If you can remember to pack a travel toothbrush, mini toothpaste, and floss in your purse or bag, youll have the opportunity to brush that debris away, even when youre on the go. Plus, it will leave your mouth feeling fresh while you socialize.

With these tips in mind, youll enjoy a healthier holiday season! If you have any questions or concerns, or if youd like to schedule an appointment, give our office a call today.

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