Healthy Smile Stocking Stuffers

Every winter, we love helping patients enjoy wellness with a smile. This holiday season, we’re breaking down gifts that promote both! Here are some of our favorite stocking stuffer ideas to help the ones you love smile brighter this holiday season.…

Special toothbrush

At Bowen Legacy Dental, we love when patients brush! Manual toothbrushes are excellent tools—especially if you replace them every three to four months or after you’ve been sick. However, if you’re looking to upgrade your toothbrush or need extra help enhancing your routine, here are our recommendations:

Waterpik® flosser

Know someone who wants (or needs) to up their flossing game? A Waterpik flosser is a fun and effective way to floss teeth that doesn’t involve the hassle of small pieces of string and trying to reach those pesky molars! These flossers use a small jet of water to clear particles from the cracks and crevices between your teeth. Since gum health is tied to your entire body—from brain function and heart disease to cancer a Waterpik promotes wellness with every use. We recommend Waterpik’s cordless and portable option, available starting at $80!

Gum or candy

For the sweet tooth in your life, xylitol-sweetened gum or candy is an excellent alternative to traditional sweets. Xylitol slows the growth of acid-producing bacteria in the mouth and can prevent cavity formation. Swapping out conventional candies for xylitol-sweetened ones can help friends and family maintain their oral hygiene and curb their cravings for treats that coat teeth in a thick layer of sugar. We love the brand Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets, which carries everything from xylitol-sweetened chocolate to lollipops!

Tooth fairy boxes

If your child is still in their tooth fairy phase, buy and decorate a small box where they can leave their lost teeth for the tooth fairy overnight or purchase a premade option! Not only does this remove the stress of reaching under their pillows without waking them, but it’s a much more hygienic way of trading lost teeth for a reward. Etsy has many great options that can be personalized with your child’s name. Plus, we love getting to support small businesses!

A brighter smile at Bowen Legacy Dental

Want to give a gift that really shines? Purchase a gift card for teeth whitening at Bowen Legacy Dental! With teeth whitening options customized to your needs, we can help transform confidence and give your loved ones a new reason to smile.

From all of us here at Bowen Legacy Dental, we wish you joy and health this holiday season! To hear more smile-friendly gift ideas, book your next appointment, or get your loved one a gift card, call us at 614-459-2300.

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