Instagram vs. Reality: How Genuine is the Grin?
Instagram vs. Reality: How Genuine is the Grin?

Social media is a place where many choose to curate their shiniest-looking moments. But at Bowen Legacy Dental, we strive to help you achieve your most authentic brightness—beyond the feed. Here are some Instagram vs. reality cautions when it comes to your smile.

Whitening techniques
Apps like Facetune generally include a whitening feature. This edit is sometimes noticeable, but influencers and celebrities with Photoshop experience may master the illusion. If you are unsatisfied with the whiteness of your teeth, there is no substitute for consistent brushing habits and routine cleanings. Other lifestyle choices such as diet may affect the appearance of your smile. As a holistic practice, we are happy to provide dietary guidance and suggest which foods and habits are healthy as well as which to avoid.

Smile “alterations”
In addition to whitening features, apps like Facetune may include tools that change the orientation or shape of a smile. This illusion may hold up in a singular image, but there are options if you want to be more satisfied with your smile in the real world. Services like Invisalign® allow you to achieve these results without braces. We value the importance of smiles to communicate happiness—so you should be happy with yours! Schedule an appointment or visit our website today to learn more.

As many of us know, millions of filters exist both within social media apps and on third-party editing apps. There are endless options to alter and enhance features. These may create the illusion of a smile worth envying, but filters are not reality. Being mindful of this also benefits your mental health and prevents comparison to impossible beauty standards. Take what you see on social with a grain of salt!

Dangerous trends
In addition to misleading photo editing, social media may also popularize dangerous misinformation among impressionable young people through avenues like TikTok trends. An example of this is the "shark teeth" trend, which encourages young people to have their teeth shaved down to pegs for veneers. This is an improper and harmful way to prepare for veneers. Even if the end result (a veneer-filled smile) looks aesthetic in photos, shaving teeth down can cause lifelong repercussions—like pain and nerve damage. No gimmick is worth ruining the health of your teeth.

A healthy smile > a beautiful smile
A beautiful-looking smile isn’t always healthy—especially when that smile has been made to look beautiful for social media. Truly beautiful smiles are healthy ones. It is crucial to be attentive to not just how white your teeth are but your oral health, overall. Be conscious of the fact that oral health permeates other aspects of your physical health. Poor dental hygiene has been linked to heart disease and brain impairment. Maintaining oral health is additionally crucial to preventing gum disease and oral cancer. Dental health also = mental health, especially through its connections to confidence and self-esteem.

At Bowen Legacy Dental, we provide the holistic dentistry and personalized treatments that will lead to a smile you truly love. To book your next appointment, call us at 614.459.2300 today!

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