Root Cause: Common Dental Procedures Called into Question

For Frazer Bailey, the writer and director of Netflix’s controversial documentary Root Cause, a mystery illness almost took everything away from him—an illness that was caused by what he believed was a toxic, infected root canal. Unfortunately, his case of microbial isolation and full-body illness may not be an isolated incident.

In fact, during root canals and other dental treatments, dentists may not always be able to effectively remove harmful bacteria from the pulp, accessory canals and dental tubules, blood supplies, or teeth. As a result, this seals toxic decay in patients’ mouths where it has the potential to fester and possibly cause diseases in other parts of the body. The documentary has created quite a stir, urging patients and dental professionals alike to adopt the use of advanced, holistic, and effective treatments. And while Bowen Legacy Dental does not stand by all the claims made in this documentary, we do believe in providing therapy that embodies a holistic treatment approach, which is why we offer advanced ozone therapy. With ozone therapy, we can target oral bacteria during treatment, restore health to the body and mouth, and prevent sometimes life-threatening sickness caused by infection. We are proud to offer our patients this incredible treatment, a powerful and safe option, alongside a number of our dental services.

What is Ozone therapy?

Infection in the mouth feeds into the entire body, so when toxins are sealed into teeth after a root canal or cavity treatment, the body can face extreme side effects. In fact, if the soft area in the center of the tooth becomes tainted, it can infect blood supplies that lead to nearly every area of the body, spreading bacteria, fungi, viruses, and their waste. Ozone therapy controls and kills these harmful microbes. By therapeutically creating an oxygen-rich environment, ozone naturally, yet effectively, controls diseased cells and leaves healthy cells untouched.

Because ozone is simply a form of enriched oxygen, ozone therapy is all-natural, has few side effects, and doesn’t carry the risk of an allergic reaction for patients. By using ozone therapy, patients can enjoy a number of benefits, including but not limited to:

By pairing ozone therapy with traditional dentistry, holistic dentists aim to kill harmful bacteria and infectious materials in the mouth during treatment, encouraging better health for the entire body.

If you are interested in learning more about ozone therapy and how it can supplement your next dental treatment, call us today at 614-459-2300. Our friendly staff at Bowen Legacy Dental is excited to help you get your healthiest, happiest smile yet!

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