Setting up Healthy Smiles for Life

Getting children to brush their teeth twice each day, can sometimes be a challenge. After all, why brush your teeth when there are stories to read, toys to play with, and bedtimes to avoid? However, dental hygiene is essential for the entire mouth and lifelong wellness. As young ones get ready to go back to school, here are some tips for healthy smiles and information about children’s dental health.

Why is your child’s dental hygiene so important?

Your mouth is an entryway to the rest of the body—capable of spreading disease and inflammation. Unfortunately, surveys show that up to 43% of kids aged 2-19 have cavities. While brushing and flossing are crucial elements of dental health and hygiene, we look at more than just your child’s teeth at Bowen Legacy Dental. In addition to decay, your child may be experiencing other issues with their airway, facial posture, or even tooth alignment that could cause serious problems down the road.

At every appointment, we assess your child’s airway to check for signs of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), a condition that can interrupt development and sleep. While snoring may seem like a cute habit, it could be a sign of an airway issue that impacts everything from behavior to bedwetting. For children suffering from orofacial myofunctional disorders, which inhibit tongue function and facial muscles, we offer myofunctional therapy. This noninvasive treatment helps your child optimize nasal breathing, mouth posture, chewing, and speaking, setting up their smiles for success.

How parents can help create healthy smiles

Kids love copying everything you do, from your mannerisms to your oral hygiene practices! Showing your kids how you take care of your teeth will not only provide a visual aid for tooth brushing but will encourage them to do the same. If you can, get the entire family on board! If the child feels that the practice is collective, they may be less resistant. This is a great way to continue modeling healthy habits and help ensure the entire family’s oral hygiene is at its best!

Like your children, you should be visiting Bowen Legacy Dental biannually. Teaching kids about the importance of regular visits early can help them prevent decay, gum disease, and related health conditions down the line! Make tooth brushing more exciting at home with a fun toothpaste flavor, a toothbrush with your child’s favorite cartoon character, or a song (music can help entertain kids and ensure they’re brushing long enough!). For older kids and teens, consider smart electric toothbrushes. These toothbrushes pair with apps, helping kids and teens see if they are brushing long enough and with the correct technique. With the right attitude, maintaining excellent oral hygiene and whole-body wellness will feel like second nature.

Visit us before back-to-school season picks up

Here at Bowen Legacy Dental, we care about your overall wellness as much as your smile. If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your child’s next appointment, please call us at (614) 459-2300 and we’ll be happy to help!

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