This April, Start Spring Cleaning From the Inside Out!

The beginning of every spring offers a fresh start. As the snow melts and flowers begin to bloom, many take this blossoming opportunity to clean out their homes, declutter, and redecorate. Here at Bowen Legacy Dental, we believe that the best spring cleaning starts from the inside out. Understanding the importance of the mouth-body connection allows you to get your whole body on a healthy track and keep your pearly whites clean. Kicking off April with a healthy mouth and body will give you all the energy necessary to successfully tackle the rest of your many spring cleaning tasks. Read on to learn more about the mouth-body connection and how to stay healthy this spring.

How the mouth and body are connected

Within the past decade, more doctors have begun looking at the mouth to assess and prevent greater issues like diabetes and heart disease. And more patients have become aware of the impact the mouth has on the whole body. It may not be the most comforting thought, but our mouths are constantly full of bacteria, some good and some bad. There are over 6 billion bacteria residing in our mouths, with over 700 species. When you practice proper oral hygiene, this helps clear away the bad bacteria. If neglected, these bacteria can lead to issues like cavities, decay, and even gum disease. When this infection progresses, it can inflame your gums and eat away at the bone structure of your teeth.

But the consequences of neglecting oral hygiene don’t stop at the mouth! The same bacteria that cause inflammation of the gums can travel through the rest of the body. Blood vessels may become inflamed, increasing the risk of a heart attack. Plus, inflammation that starts in the mouth can weaken the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, complicating diabetes.

Keeping it clean

The best thing about understanding the mouth-body connection is knowing just how much your body appreciates proper oral hygiene. So, if you are ever thinking about skipping out on your oral hygiene routine after a long day, think again!

Make sure to brush when you wake up each morning to clear away any bad bacteria that has accumulated overnight. Also, brush and floss at night to remove bacteria and any food particles leftover from the day. Another great way to keep your mouth happy and healthy is to drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is great for your overall health and helps keep your mouth clean during the day.

Schedule your next appointment

If you want to jumpstart your spring cleaning, come in for a checkup! It is important to see us twice a year. We screen for issues like cavities, decay, gum disease, and oral cancer, as well as check your airways at every visit. By coming in for a spring cleaning, you can jumpstart your overall wellness—starting with your mouth.

This spring, kick off spring cleaning with a healthy smile and happy body! Call us at 614-459-2300 to schedule your appointment today.

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