The Connection Between the Sun and Your Smile

Sun’s out, smiles out! A new season is here, which means warmer temperatures, a rising UV index, and more time out in the sun. However, did you know this season has several connections to your teeth? Dental health is related to the weather in more ways than one, and summer is one of the most critical times to be taking extra care of your smile—especially with busy schedules. Here are some of the ways you can be mindful of your oral and total-body health:

The sun and your smile

Sunlight is connected to many facets of your health and well-being, from lowering blood pressure to promoting serotonin production in the brain. However, the sun also impacts your teeth! Spending a moderate amount of time in the sun could improve your dental health because it helps your body produce vitamin D. This vitamin is essential to oral health. It allows the body to absorb calcium, the primary mineral that strengthens bones and teeth. Feel free to spend some time out in the sun this summer. Just don’t forget to put on sunscreen and SPF lip balm!


Because it’s so much warmer in the summer, we are more prone to dehydration. Contributing factors of dehydration include the UV index, humidity index, and physical activity. If you spend too much time in hot or humid conditions without drinking water, you become dehydrated, which leads to a dry mouth. Dry mouth promotes bacteria buildup and tooth decay as saliva production slows. Make sure to drink plenty of water this summer when you’re outside to avoid cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems.

Tooth sensitivity

Do your teeth hurt when the temperature rises? There are several possible causes, many of which are tied to the foods and drinks we choose during warmer weather. You may opt for more cold refreshments, like ice cream or ice water, during the summer. Or you may select sweet and acidic options like soda to beat the heat.

Cold sensitivity and enamel decay are both widespread problems. If you’re having recurring tooth pain with the start of the season, book an appointment with Dr. Bowen or Dr. Gehlert as soon as possible for appropriate treatment. You may be surprised to find that an underlying issue like nighttime bruxism is contributing to your sensitivity.

Book your summer appointment now!

Summer is a great time to spend extra time outside, increase your vitamin D production, and enjoy quality time with friends and family. However, remember to monitor your time in the sun, stay hydrated, and schedule regular appointments with our team. To get your next visit in the books, call our Bowen Legacy Dental family at (614) 459-2300.

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