Whole-Body Wellness at Bowen Legacy Dental

Here at Bowen Legacy Dental, we love promoting the wellness of not just our patient’s teeth but their whole bodies! Dental care goes above and beyond your mouth. Oral hygiene influences the wellness of your entire body. With this knowledge, we offer wellness treatments that allow our patients to be their healthiest selves with the confidence of a happy smile. Read on to learn more about some of our wellness services and their many benefits.

Emphasizing the mouth-body connection

Believe it or not, how you care for your teeth and mouth impacts the health of your entire body. Our mouths are constantly teeming with bacteria. In fact, there are about 6 billion bacteria residing inside your mouth! Many bacteria that make up your oral biome are good for you and help keep you healthy. But some of them are bad and can cause diseases. This is why brushing, flossing, and cleaning your tongue are so important.

When bad bacteria are left to build up, plaque, cavities, tartar, tooth decay, and gum disease may eventually occur. Our mouths are also an important point of entry to our bodies. Pesky bacteria in the mouth can lead to inflammation or travel through our bloodstream, infecting the body. Conditions like heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and autoimmune disorders all have connections to the mouth.

Ozone therapy for healthier results

We’re proud to offer ozone therapy as the safest, most advanced, and all-natural way to fight infection. Ozone therapy utilizes pure oxygen, as opposed to antibiotics, to keep infection away. During surgery, oxygen is able to flow to the site, killing any unwanted harmful microbes and leaving the healthy cells to thrive. Not only is this method effective and holistic, but it also offers several benefits over antibiotics. Patients can experience a quicker recovery time, less sensitivity in the area of the surgery, zero risk of infection, and no trips to the pharmacy!

Nontoxic dental materials that keep you smiling

Unfortunately, not all dental materials used in today’s medicine are harmless. From silver fillings containing 50% mercury to plastics full of BPA, there are undoubtedly toxic materials in dentistry—but not at our practice! Here at Bowen Legacy Dental, we only offer nontoxic dental materials. Our dedication to providing an experience of total-body wellness extends to the tools and materials we use, so we only provide safe and durable options.

Boosting sleep and healthy breathing

Your sleep, mouth, and wellness are closely interconnected. At every visit, our dental sleep experts check your airway and mouth for signs of potential sleep-disordered breathing or airway issues. We offer several customized solutions to help you breathe well and live healthily. Learn more about how sleep and the mouth are connected in our blog from last month.

Boost your wellness today

The mouth-body connection impacts so many parts of your life. And we can’t wait to help you get the healthiest smile and body! If you have any questions or are ready to schedule your next appointment, call us at 614.459.2300.

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